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The Value of Touch

See & Create

Photo by Gary Weston

The Value of Touch was a sensory arts project developed by Wendy, offering people with sight loss an exclusive opportunity to experience the wealth of hidden treasures held by the Guildhall Museum. Most importantly, the group was given permission to handle most of the objects – something that would not typically be allowed.

Through a series of workshops, members of Kent Association for the Blind Medway Art Group were invited to explore the museum’s collection using haptic techniques to help inspire them to create new artworks for exhibition. Wendy created touchable interpretations of the artworks for a six month exhibition at the museum.

See and Create

See & Create

Photo by Ben Boardman

A project launched in 2016 with the aim of providing the go-to place for Deaf Families to find out about Deaf-accessible creative events in Medway, Kent. As well as a listings website where you can search for fun BSL-friendly activities and workshops, SEE and CREATE co-ordinates accessible creative events.

Initiated and led by Christopher, the goal of SEE and CREATE is to provide fun, creative events where everyone can take part equally. This is especially important for families who use both BSL and spoken English, as it can help bring family members closer together through joint participation, and help Deaf Families meet others and share their experiences.

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